We Are Kentucky.
We Are Bourbon.

We Are The Water That Started It All

What is Kentucky?

It’s bluegrass and bourbon and thoroughbred race horses and southern belles.
It’s going sockless and wearing hats at the Derby and getting our feet muddy in the infield
at Churchill Downs. It’s bourbon and the Bourbon Trail and the Urban Bourbon Trail
and it’s us, Old Limestone; we’re Kentuckians, too.

What connects us all is our water — our special, one-of-a kind, crazy delicious water.
Not tap water. Not river water: Kentucky’s limestone filtered spring water.
It’s the water that brought the bourbon industry here, and it’s the water that brought the horse farms
here. Kentucky’s limestone aquifer produces a water with delicious hints of calcium and magnesium,
which give our bourbons a rich velvety smooth mouth feel, but with no iron in it, which would turn
a bourbon mash black. That delicious water is essential to making bourbon but it also builds strong bones
in our horses. If Kentucky is known race horses and bourbon, it’s the magical waters that make Kentucky,
Kentucky — and it’s our water, your water: Old Limestone Mixing Water.

About Us

We’re as different as day and night but very much the same, too.

We met 30 years ago, split off to pursue our own successful careers, raised great families, then meet again at a football game on a perfect autumn afternoon. Barry, I discovered, was a restless entrepreneur while I was an over-worked author making Old Limestone for my friends. As these things go, we had a few sips and a few laughs, and a few days later, a new company. Now Barry and I work side-by-side, hosting bourbon tastings, helping our communities -- and bottling the perfect mixing water for your next bourbon.

Our cofounder, Barry Gluck, relaxes at the 19th hole with his favorite bourbon and branch. Barry spends his free time split between sports, traveling, and mentoring young people. Barry and his wife Joan focus their philanthropy around women, children and animals in crisis.

Our founder, Doug Keeney, hosts a backyard bourbon tasting to benefit learning disabled children. His other passion? Signage for the visually impaired. Doug’s the author with three bestsellers, so watch your grammar if you send him an email.

Old Limestone Mixing Water Seen Around The Nation

Old Limestone in the tack room after riding to the hounds in Simpsonville, Kentucky, inside Jefferson’s Grill in Virginia, on a trail in Arizona, at a shooting club in Louisiana, by the fire in Pennsylvania, and New Yorkers at a formal bourbon tasting.